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Bold Progressives Believe in Belinda!

Belinda Drake for IN State Representative District 89

Next weekend, Belinda will be going to Detroit, Michigan, to participate in the Progressive Change Campaign Committee’s Candidate Training, ran by Bold Progressives.  To be invited, a candidate must be nominated by a fellow progressive and then pass a series of interviews.

Bold Progressives Candidate Trainings,  for local, state and federal candidates, have been held in 9 different states already this year! Their last stop is in Michigan and we are thrilled to have gotten the nod. Knowing that young change makers have resources such as these, gives hope to those with a heart to serve. 

Bold Progressives is a grassroots organization that has supported candidates like AOC and issues like

  • Expanding Social Security
  • Debt-free college
  • Allowing everyone to buy health care coverage through Medicare
  • Wall Street reform and accountability
  • Stopping surveillance and protecting privacy
  • Stopping bad trade deals like TPP
  • Free and open Internet
  • Paid family leave

Campaigns are constantly moving and evolving and to succeed as a new kid on the block, supports like these are invaluable.  Hard work, along with volunteers, generous donors, and a supportive social media circle, are going to push Belinda’s LIFE? platform all the way to the Statehouse!

Bold Progressives Believe in Belinda!

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