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City-County Council member Zach Adamson recognizes ‘StudsWhoLead’

The Indy Star checked out Studs Who Lead, City recognizes effort with official proclamation.

“At the end of the day, today is about having that conversation, breaking up barriers for masculine-presenting females within the LGBT community.”

Belinda Drake’s opening statement.

During Saturday’s two-hour panel discussion “StudsWhoLead,” panelists Kristen London, Belinda Drake, Teresa Morcho (who does not identify as a stud) and Channie Williams (also known as Hoopz) tackled what masculine-presenting women face in the world. That means everything from their personal journeys to harassment to ensuring the community is represented moving forward.

And as an added bonus, Indianapolis City-County Council member Zach Adamson presented a proclamation at the event, recognizing the StudsWhoLead campaign, its dedication to the LGBTQ community and hope for the campaign’s success.

Read the full article on Indy Star.

City-County Council member Zach Adamson recognizes ‘StudsWhoLead’

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