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Belinda Drake’s Campaign Announces ‘Revitalized LIFE*’ Platform


Belinda Drake’s Campaign Announces ‘Revitalized LIFE*’ Platform

Indianapolis, IN – (August 13, 2020) Belinda Drake’s campaign released her ‘Revitalized LIFE* platform’ on Thursday which outlines an expanded agenda to bring economic stability to Indiana and improve the quality of life for all Hoosiers.

“Hoosiers have needed these critical investments for a long time now and their needs have gone unheard. I know it – we all know it. The fact is a lot of this platform isn’t new ideas. These ideas just haven’t been as big a priority as eyeball tattoos or trying to turn away federal funds for public transportation,” said Belinda Drake, Democratic candidate for State Senate District 32. “Now we are facing a second surge in COVID cases coupled with the continuing economic and jobs crisis; people can’t wait for real results any longer. The time for bold leadership is more important than ever.”

The revitalized platform outlines a more ambitious economic and education plan which is especially needed to revive the state during the pandemic jobs crisis. Drake’s plan expands upon her support of the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana which can provide much-needed revenue to the shrinking state budget. The Democratic senate hopeful would also realign the state budget to reprioritize education, community health services, and infrastructure projects. The plan includes the development of person-centered mental and behavioral health program to address the state’s opioid addiction problem and will ease criminal justice recidivism while tapping into federal funding opportunities.

“I’ve talked with a lot of voters in my district and one thing is clear: people are looking for a strong leader with pragmatic vision who will take on broken systems of government and will work for real results on the issues that matter most for their families and communities,” Drake said of the current concerns of people in her district. “This revitalized platform outlines issues I can get to work on right away after I’m elected. Hoosiers want to see real progress, not just broken promises. I’ll deliver real progress for the people in my district.”

Campaign Manager, Amanda Schutte said “Belinda is the kind of leader we need in the statehouse today because she listens to the people in district 32, she hears what they are experiencing and what they need in their lives. Every day we hear from voters who are tired of empty promises made by career politicians who don’t even understand the struggles communities are facing in these challenging times. This revitalized platform reflects months of work, listening to the concerns of constituents, and provides actionable items that will build resilient and healthy Hoosier communities now and in the future.”

Learn more about Belinda Drake’s revitalized platform at

To learn more about Belinda Drake’s campaign for Indiana State Senate or to get started as a volunteer in the Field Captain program, visit and connect with the campaign on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram using the hashtag #BelieveINBelinda.

About Belinda Drake for Indiana State Senate:

Belinda Drake is a progressive Democratic candidate for Indiana State Senate in District 32. Committed to putting people over politics, Belinda will serve her communities with a bold and inclusive vision to bring positive change and progress for the people of Senate District 32 and for all Hoosiers. Belinda was born and raised in Gary, IN, and has been a resident and member of the far eastside Indianapolis community for the last 3 years. Belinda graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in political science and a minor in legal studies from IUPUI and has worked on the campaign trail for United States Congressman Andre Carson, Indiana State Senator J.D. Ford, City Councilor Crista Carlino, and many other Democratic party candidates at the state and local levels. Belinda has served on the board for the Indiana Stonewall Democrats, as the treasurer for the Lawrence Township Democrats, and as the 7th District Chair for the Indiana Young Democrats. Belinda currently serves as the Racial Justice & Diversity Coordinator for Indiana NOW (National Organization for Women), and as a National Delegate for the Indiana Democratic Party to the 2020 Democratic National Convention. 


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Campaign Manager

Believe in Belinda

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Belinda Drake’s Campaign Announces ‘Revitalized LIFE*’ Platform

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