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Springtime IN Quarantine Virtual Gala Press Release

Virtual Gala

Believe IN Belinda Announces Fundraising Virtual Gala 

‘Springtime IN Quarantine’ Gala Is First of Its Kind Event During the 2020 Election


Indianapolis, IN – (May 14, 2020) Believe IN Belinda, a campaign to elect Belinda Drake to Indiana State Senate District 32, is pleased to announce its 2020 virtual gala with the theme ‘Springtime IN Quarantine”. The virtual gala will be hosted by Alexis Merchant and Kim Le along with friends of Belinda including: All317hiphop Founder and Executive, WildStyle; Guitarist and Singer/Songwriter Yadin Kol; and Sheldon’s Daylight Camp Founder and Indianapolis Colts Defensive Tackle, Sheldon Day according to an invitation obtained on Thursday.

Springtime IN Quarantine is a first of its kind event during the 2020 elections and will be hosted for a limited audience of 100 attendees through virtual attendance provided on the Zoom online meeting hosting platform. Suggested donations to the gala run as high as $1,000 and as low as $25 to attend the evening event via virtual ballroom.

“Belinda is and has been a hard-working and incomparable leader her entire life. She continues to be a tireless fighter and advocate for kids and families in the Indianapolis community who need the most help right here and now” said gala co-host Alexis Merchant. “I love her policy, her positive energy, and all that she stands for. We need to build a better Indiana that serves all Hoosiers and Belinda is the kind of serious leader that Senate District 32 needs. She is the exact kind of leader for Indiana that we all have been hoping for because she listens to people and what they need and works hard to make the lives of regular people better.”

The Springtime IN Quarantine gala to support Belinda Drake for Indiana State Senate District 32 will be held on Friday. May 29th, 2020 from 7:00pm – 8:30pm and attendees can pre-register on Eventbrite by searching “Springtime IN Quarantine” or at: After confirmation, attendees will be emailed a link to be able to confirm their attendance through a suggested donation to the campaign. Attendees must register and confirm before they will be emailed entry access into the virtual ballroom on the night of the gala.

“Guests are encouraged to wear what best represents what Springtime has looked like for them in quarantine, be it graduation cap and gown that should have been worn on stage, spring sports uniforms from a postponed season, or the traditional interpretation of floral designs” said Merchant.  “With the limited audience size, these spots will fill quickly so you won’t want to delay in confirming your registration to the event.”

To learn more about Belinda Drake’s campaign for Indiana State Senate or to learn more about the Springtime IN Quarantine Gala, visit or connect with the campaign on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram using the hashtag #BelieveINBelinda. To contact the campaign about the gala, please email the campaign Fundraising Director, Alexis Merchant at: [email protected].



Alexis Merchant

Fundraising Director

Believe in Belinda

[email protected]

Springtime IN Quarantine Virtual Gala Press Release

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